Roving with a trainer from IEEE Xplore

Two weeks ago, myself and a colleague went roving in Canalside West.  Julia Stockdale from Contentonline had been doing some awareness stand sessions at other universities and we invited her to do one at Huddersfield as well as delivering a workshop on using the product.  Julia brought with her loads of sweets as well as other freebies and we were able to use these with great affect, handing them out to students coming out of lectures to draw them to our stall.    Some took the sweets and walked off, others stopped to talk.    We were then able to open up a conversation with them about their use of the library and if appropriate replicate a search they were struggling with and show them how to retrieve relevant information.  We also promoted the workshop scheduled for the afternoon to which we got 17 students.  Julia handed out bookmarks and a leaflet about the IEEE Xplore product and generated quite a lot of interest in the database for which we’ve only held a subscription for around one year.


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