What do I make of blogging?

Well as I alluded to earlier, I quite enjoy blogging when I actually get down to it!  I find it quite useful as a reflection tool and I like the fact that I can be quite free in my writing.

As for a tool for teaching and learning, in my role I find blogs are great for communicating new service development or new resources that students might find useful.  It is imperative, however, that the entries are short and that an image is used whereever possible in order to maintain interest and to create an attractive page.  If not, you may as well be writing in Word.  Tagging too is a very important concept.  If you tag entries correctly, you make it easier for your reader to find information that might be useful to them.  It is a good think to regularly post entries to keep the momentum going.  I also think linking to them on social media such as Twitter has great advantages such as increasing your readership.


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